Esok, kakak akan ke Grand Finale Wind Orchestra antara SBP Malaysia. As a parent we were very proud with her achievement. She plays the French Horn ( kalau tak silap le ) because we are not very familiar with the musical instruments. In fact, both of us buta muzik betul. main rekorder pun tak lepas..tak taulah kat mana dia mewarisi bakat muzik tu.
I went to Wisma central this evening to rent the dracula costume for the music conductor. It is because they are going to play the song entitled Dance Diabolic ( ye ke spelling cam tu ). Jadi kononnya nak buat gimik pakai costume tulah. Unfortunately, they were informed by the officer in charge that they are not allowed to do any gimick. Frust betul tapi nak buat cam ne dah tersewa. So, my small kids bergaya sakan lah bergambar dengan costume tu. Nak tengok???? tungggguuuu

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